Announciator Panel ABS - 10 Zone [Yunyang]

Fire Alarm PanelĀ  Detector Accesorry -Announciator Panel ABS - 10 Zone [Yunyang]

MoQ 1 Pcs

Harga Normal Rp. Rp. 2.583.350, -


Announciator Panel 10 Zone

Number of Loops  10L
Wall Mount
H (mm) 400
W (mm) 300
D (mm) 120
Model YF - 1
Power Souce 110V AC 50/60 Hz Or 220V AC 50/60 Hz
Standby Battery None / Upgrade Option
Charging Voltage None / Upgrade Option
Circuit Voltage 24V DC Operation Voltage, Under 5V 32mA
Rated Inpendance Under 50O, Ground Resistance Above 2MO
Detector Conection No Limitation for Conventional Rate of Rise Heat/Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors; Up to 30 photoelectric Smoke Detectors (24V DC 40µA) per zone
E.O.L Resistor 10 K Ω
No. Of Indicators 1.2 times of the number of zone (LED indicating lamp)
No. Of Bells 1.2 times of the number of zone
Cabinet Material Powder Coating Steel (Optional Flame retardant ABS enclosure available up to 20L only)
Main Audio Mono Tone Sounder Lobove 85 dB for 1 m distance
Alarm Relay Contact 2 set No of Voltage No contact, capacity AC 250V / 7A