Life Buoy Light Without Li-Battery

Fire Fighting Equipment - Life Buoy Light Without Li-Battery

Harga Normal Rp. Rp. 137.500, -


Major Properties & Technical Parameters

Light Source LED
Times Of Power ≥ 2 h
Working Voltage 6.0V
Bulb 6.0V / 0.75A
Ambient Temperature -30°C~ + 65°C
Luminous Style Flash
Flash Frequency 50-70 Times/Min
Light Colour White
Features Measute 360x117x92 mm
Packing 1 Pcs/Carton
Weight ≤ 200g (Battery Not Including)
Period Of Validity 5 Years
Battery Capacitance According To The Actual Capacity Of Battery
Certification EC/CCS Conforms to Res.III/7, Reg.III/22, III/26, III/32, III/34, IMO Res. MSC.36(63)-(1994 HSC Code)8, IMO Res. MSC. 48(66)-(LSA Code)II, IV, IMO Res. MSC. 97(73)-(2000 HSC Code)8, IMO Res. MSC. 81(70)