NP305 Chemical Respirator - Blue Eagle

Safety Equipment - NP305 Chemical Respirator - Blue Eagle

Harga Minimal 1 Pcs Rp. 32.500, -


Single Cartridge, Twin Exhalation Values.

Material TPR
Color Black


  • Single filter cartridge.
  • Twin exhalation valves. 
  • Use with RC series filters: RC201, RC202 , RC203 , RC205 , RC206 , RC209.
  • Made in Taiwan.
Item No. Description
RC201 Dust Cartridge For dust
RC 202 Chemical Cartridge For organic vapours, mists and fumes of low toxicity.
RC 203 Chemical Cartridge For spray painting and organic vapours of low toxicity.
RC 205 Chemical Cartridge For acid gases of low toxicity.
RC 206 Chemical Cartridge For organic, inorganic vapours and acid gases of low toxicity.
RC 209 Chemical Cartridge For agricultural sprays.