Shilla SL-13DBS

Fire Fighting Equipment Fire Water Combination Nozzle - Brand Shilla model SL-13DBS



Spinning Teeth Nozzle is common type of nozzle in most of developed countries. Spinning Teeth makes mist curtain at full fog pattern, blocks oxygen, gather smoke and heat around fire fighter and push forward together with water to fire. This nozzle performs fire fighting operation most quickly and ensures safety of fire fighters. This nozzle also prevent dangerous situation by preventing twisting of fire hose during fire fighting operation.


Model SL-13DBS
Size FE40 (1-1/2")
Flow Rate(7kgf/㎠) 150~225~360~470 LPM
Shooting Range 40m
Length 250mm
Weight 1.6kg
Material&Remark AL. Hard Anodized